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Features and Characteristics

Being Nation’s only Department of Local Studies, we have officially recruited undergraduate students in the summer of 2005. Under Department of Local Studies, we have undergraduate division and graduate division which is Nation’s only Local Studies Department combining undergraduate and graduate division.

To put local culture studies into the trend of combination with diverse subjects, we expect to learn from research methods of History and Human Geography. By combining with diverse subjects, we truly hope we can not only base on local studies but also have close connection with the world studies.

By emphasizing academic theories as well as practical experiences, we train students to specialize in the ability to compile and write on local history, apply geographical information system and propagate local culture; this fits in with the societal development which makes students have higher chances to get employment.

We have plenty of research books about local culture studies which is one of the characteristics in our library.

Introduction about graduate division


We are the fifth graduation division in National Hualien University of Education.Due to the rising of local culture studies in the recent years, we applied for graduate division in 1998 to train the needed specialists in different areas, such as compiling and writing on local history, studying on common people cultures, propagating cultural affairs and teaching local culture.We recruited 10 graduate school students of the first session in 1999, and then we recruited 15 students in 2000 and 2001. In the following 2002 and 2003, we recruited 18 students each year. In 2004, we recruited 20 students who entered by passing pre-Graduate School Entrance Exam or Graduate School Entrance Exam. There are four full-time teachers in our department who are specialized in anthropogeography, history, cultural administration and etc. Also there are several part-time teachers who are specialized in cultural anthropology, Twain history and etc.

B、Emphasis and Direction toward Development

a、Emphasis toward Development
    1. Compiling and writing on local history and researches on local cultural database.
2.To train specialized students who have professional ability to comprehend cultural theories and histories;furthermore, they are capable of

       elaborating Local Culture.
To establish our department features, we cooperate with East-Taiwan’s specialties of relationship among race groups, human history and natural

 Propagating culture and administrating culture.
 Applying geographical information to popularized culture and education. Establishing our department as education and research center of East-

        Taiwan research databases; besides, cooperating with accessible digital history database.

Direction toward Development
Training specialized students who have professional ability in common cultural theories and histories and then students can be engaged in

       popularizing culture, compiling and writing on history, protecting cultural property and scheming for communities.
Emphasizing Education of Native Taiwan Culture, especially from contents of Twain social stratum, common people cultures, and relationship

       among race groups. We put emphases not only on Native Twain Cultures but also on Chinese, East Asian and the world’s Cultures in order to

       bring up students’ compared with cultural viewpoints.
Shaping new researched of Cultural History from combining subjects with History and Human Geography. Putting studies of “Taiwan Culture”

       into the trend of the combination with diverse subjects.
Establishing our department as the center of Twain Native Culture Studies in East-Twaian. Because of East-Twain’s unique natural environment,

       racial groups and historical development, E-Twain has quite different societal conditions and cultural landscapes from other areas in Twain.

       Hence, we can constantly weed through the old to bring forth the new issues and constructs due to regional characteristics. In view of conformity

       and deepening of diverse subjects, we can present new vision and new direction of studies.
Mixing up academic theories and practical experiences in order to train students to have abilities of compiling and writing on local history,

       managing cultural administration and popularizing education. Concrete examples as follows
Uniting the training of History and Fieldwork within Cultural Anthropology to train students who are specialized in local histories.
Combining regional unique features to plan and promote cultural industry.
Applying geographical information and popularizing cultural education.
Gathering local cultural property and actively participating in community’s cultural education popularization. By building good interaction with

       the community, we can propose continuous developmental plans.
Combining Geographical Information System with humanities. Applying digital maps and remote sensing image to digital archives, spatial

       analysis studies, popularized culture, innovated teaching and community plans. Building history database.
Providing refresher courses for current teachers and offering fulfilling nine-year-consistent teaching contents and resources of local societal areas.

Focus of Curriculum plans

To train graduate students with the professional ability , we present focus of curriculum plans as follows

Elaborating theories and research methods of History and Human Geography.
Analyzing and comparing Twain and other surrounding countries with the world’s cultural history.
Comprehending Twain cultures’ features and characteristics. Especially we emphasize social life history, relations and cultures of race groups,

       spatial culture, and activities between families and social stratum.
Studies on Local culture and field investigation, particularly on East-Twain.
Applying Geographical Information to spatial analyses, digital museums, popularized culture and education.
Strengthen the ability to plan community in developmental culture on the basis of local history.
 Understanding connection between globalization and local cultures.

Title of Awarded Degree

Bachelor of Arts B.A.
Register before 2005: Master of Education
Register after 2004: Master of Arts


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