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Department of Taiwan and Regional Studies originated from the Graduate Institute of Local Studies (M.A.), which was established in 1999 and then expanded into the Department of Local Studies (B.A., M.A.) in 2005.? Since 2006 the Department also offered the summer extension degree program for M.A., and later developed into the extensive master program in 2009.? On August 1, 2010, following the university merge (2008) and the subsequent institutional restructuring, the Department further expands into a comprehensive academic program with the new title Taiwan and Regional Studies (B.A., M.A.).
The academic goals of the Department focus on the following three aspects:
(1) The integration of Taiwan and Regional Studies (e.g., Asia-Pacific / Southeast Asia).
(2) The dual capability of field study and documentary research.
(3) The application of GIS on Humanities and Social Sciences.
The Department offers the introductory courses on Human Geography and Regional Studies, including the thematic Taiwan Studies.? Advanced courses were organized into three modules. The Regional Program is designed for those with the special interest on regional theory and comparative regional studies.? The GIS Program is for those concentrate on the application of Geographical Information System on Humanities and Social Sciences.? The Cultural Heritage Program is after the UNESCO-promoted heritage and landscape preservation.

Degree Given
Bachelor of Arts B.A.
Master of Arts


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